Are pets allowed?

We know how important a pet can be in a person’s life and so most small pets are welcome to live in the Village. It is the resident’s responsibility to look after them so that they don’t become a nuisance. Advance written permission from the Village Manager is required for any pet to live in the Village. We will want to reach agreement up-front over the responsibilities of pet ownership, who will care for the pet when you cannot and what might happen if your neighbours subsequently complain about your pet. We will agree to all of this in writing.

What is the disclosure statement?

A disclosure statement is required by law and sets out the information about the ownership, management, and the supervision of the Village. It includes information about the entering and leaving the Village (occupancy tenure), the state of the Village, the services and facilities offered and the arrangements for maintenance and refurbishment. The costs of entering, living in, and what you can expect to get back after you leave are explained in the Disclosure Statement. It includes important information about the cooling off period after you sign the Occupation Right Agreement, during which you cancel the agreement and get a full refund of any deposit paid. You must receive a copy of our Disclosure Statement before you sign your Occupation Right Agreement.

How do I get the relevant information before “buying in” to a Village?

We want you to be comfortable with the knowledge that you have made the right decision for yourself based on all the information available. You will receive a copy of the Village’s Disclosure Statement, Occupation Right Agreement, Code of Resident’s Rights and Code of Practice with this brochure.

What is the cooling off period?

You have a 15 working day “cooling off period” after you sign the Occupation right Agreement. At any time during that period, you may cancel the agreement by giving us written notice. There is no penalty for cancelling during that time and you will receive your deposit back with interest. Note, however, that your lawyer may still charge you a fee for their services. Heritage will generally not allow you to move into your unit until the cooling off period has expired. If your unit is under construction when you sign your Occupation Right Agreement, you also have the right to cancel if the unit is not completed within the six months of the date for completion specified in the agreement.

Should we seek advice and, if so, from whom?

Under the Retirement Villages Act 2003, any intending resident must receive independent legal advice before signing the Occupation Right Agreement. The same lawyer who witnesses your signature on the Occupation Right Agreement must also certify that they have explained to you the general effect of the Occupational Right Agreement and its implications.

It is always useful to discuss your options and decision with your immediate family, other relatives and friends.

How do I apply for residence?

First, you will need to spend some time with one of our Village Managers to find out what our Villages can offer you.

When you have made the decision to buy into one of our Villages, you will need to complete an application form. On completing an application form, you will be asked to pay a holding deposit. The deposit will be held by the Statutory Supervisor. You will be sent an Occupation Right Agreement for review with your solicitor before you commit yourself, or sign any documents. A settlement date will then be agreed.

To whom do I address any concerns I might have while living in the Village?

The Village Manager is available and interested with you about anything you wish. We encourage you to discuss any ideas or concerns you may have with the Manager, whose door is always open. In addition to speaking to the Manager, there are regular resident meetings and an annual meeting. We also have a formal complaints process which you can access.

Who is the statutory supervisor and what is its role?

Each Village has its own statutory supervisor. It is their role to represent the collective best interests of the residents. The supervisor monitors the Village’s financial position, holds deposits and progress payments made for an ORA and secures the resident’s interest through a first registered encumbrance over the Village land. Heritage Lifecare consults with the statutory supervisor on matters which may affect the Village.

As a resident, how will my financial interest be protected?

The Occupation Right Agreement offers you the right to live in your dwelling for your lifetime (health permitting) and to enjoy the services and facilities provided with the Village. Your interest as a resident are secured through an encumbrance over the Village land held by the Statutory Supervisor for the benefit of all.

What is the re-licensing procedure?

When it is time for you to move on, Heritage Lifecare will take on the responsibility to find a new resident. All costs and efforts which includes all marketing, open homes and contacts will be borne by Heritage Lifecare. No sales commissions are charged. All the refurbishment costs related to normal wear and tear will be met by Heritage.

What is the Village outgoings payment?

This fee is a monthly contribution towards the operating costs of the Village. This fee is payable for the term of the Occupation Right Agreement. All residents receive the following services covered by the Village monthly payment:

  • Land rates, water rates and building insurance
  • Gardening, grounds maintenance and rubbish collection
  • Maintenance and operation of the community facilities
  • Exterior maintenance and repairs of the villas
  • Village management and administration
  • Exterior Village window cleaning
  • Utility charges for the communal areas
  • Maintenance of the roadways, footpaths and communal areas
  • Cost for the replacement of minor capital items

This fee must continue to be paid until the villa is re-licensed. However, if after 6 months the villa has not re-licensed, then the amount is lowered to 50% of the fee which must be paid until a new resident is found.

When is the right time to make a move into a Retirement Village?

Each person’s situation and desires are different. If you or your partner are planning your retirement future, you certainly want to make the most of it. A Retirement Village is specifically designed for retirees making it the perfect place to enjoy your life. Planning for the future is always wise.

What is a Retirement Village?

A Retirement Village offers you the independence and freedom of living in a private dwelling with the knowledge that support is available if you should need. You can share Village life with other residents with whom you share a number of commonalities such as similar-age but with varying interests and different circumstances. Your life is made easier because so many details are taken care of for you (such as home maintenance, rates, garden maintenance) which allows you to have a more relaxed, secure and worry-free lifestyle.

Do I have to participate in Village activities?

You can participate as much or as little as you wish. Living in a community of other people provides many opportunities for socialisation and making friends. Your privacy is respected but interaction with others is there if you want to be involved. The Village has a range of activities and outings available.

Some residents like to be totally involved while others prefer to live quietly. The choice is entirely yours; you decide just how much you want to be involved in the life of the Village.

What is the minimum age for entry into our Villages?

To live at one of our Villages, you must be at least 65 years old and be in good health at the time of entry.

Can family and friends stay with me?

Guests are always welcome! Visitors can stay up to 4 weeks at a time. If they intend to stay longer, then prior consent must be obtained from the Village Manager.

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