Stephanie - Heritage Team Member
It’s all about what your loved one needs, rather than what we can offer


Heritage Team Member

Stephanie joined Stillwater as Manager in June 2020, after spending 5 years as Manager at Flaxmore Lifecare and over 32 years as a Manager in Aged Care in Australia.

“A Better Everyday”, for Stephanie is one where each resident is able to “live their day”.

“Everyone is an individual and we fit our day around how they’d like to spend their day. If they’d like to have breakfast in bed or at 9am and have a sleep in, so be it.”

For those residents coming into the Care Home at Stillwater, the first thing Stephanie will do is to work together with the resident and family to create a ‘My Life’ poster which goes on the wall.

“Everyone who comes into that room will get a really good snapshot of who this person is, the life they have led, what they enjoy in life, likes and dislikes and what their spiritual and holistic needs are.”

She’s very passionate about working with families and the local community. “There is an open-door policy at Stillwater. Family can talk to us at any time and I promise there is always an answer or a solution to everything. “

Having experienced her own father’s journey through Aged Care, Stephanie knows how important it is that the family are listened to and are able to have complete trust in the people who are taking care of their loved one.

“It’s all about what your loved one needs, rather than what we can offer”.

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