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Heritage Lifecare provides a range of Hospital Care services at Broadview Lifecare & Village and St Johns Hill Lifecare.

Caring for a family member living with dementia presents many challenges. At Broadview Lifecare & Village, our specialised Hospital Care services include Dementia Care and Psychogeriatric Care to provide families with extra support and assurance.

Our friendly hospital staff are happy to talk through your needs anytime and as one of New Zealand’s largest certified Dementia Care providers, our staff receive ongoing training to ensure your loved ones receive the best possible care.

At St John’s Lifecare, we provide Senior Hospital services for people who require additional support, including Palliative Care as many of our residents are palliative.

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Manawatu - Whanganui

Broadview Lifecare & Village

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  • Rest Home Care
  • Hospital Care
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  • Respite Care
  • Dementia Care
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Manawatu - Whanganui

St Johns Hill Lifecare

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  • Day Programme
  • Respite Care
  • Palliative Care

Dementia Care

Broadview Lifecare & Village provide a range of care services to our older community members in Whanganui, this includes Rest Home Care, Day Programme, Respite Care, Specialised Hospital and Dementia Care.

Heritage Lifecare is one of New Zealand’s largest certified Dementia Care providers, so you know your loved ones are in good hands. Our hospital staff receive ongoing training to ensure we are always providing the highest quality Dementia Care and our physical environment has the safety and security that’s essential for people with dementia.

We ensure our residents take part in daily activities so they’re always getting the most out of life, activities will vary depending on the individual but includes time with family and friends, socialising with other residents and getting plenty of fresh air outside playing games or just enjoying the beautiful rural outlook.

To find out more about Dementia Care in Whanganui give us a call today or come in and talk to our friendly staff.

Senior Hospitals

Our senior hospitals at St Johns Hill Lifecare and Broadview Lifecare & Village provide care for older people in Whanganui. In addition to hospital-level care, St John Hill Lifecare can also provide Palliative Care while Broadview Lifecare & Village provides Specialised Hospital Care, Dementia Care and Palliative Care in our Senior Hospital.

We understand that everyone has different needs, so all our Senior Hospital residents have their own comprehensive care plans, tailored to suit their individual requirements. Registered nurses and caregivers provide round-the-clock assistance, placing equal importance on physical health and mental health.

Heritage Lifecare are dedicated to providing support and reassurance to our residents and their families, making you feel well taken care of.

Click here to find out more about Senior Hospitals in Whanganui.

Psychogeriatric Care

Heritage Lifecare provide Psychogeriatric Care at Broadview Lifecare & Village in Whanganui.

Psychogeriatric Care is for senior people who require specialist nursing care for behavioural issues related to conditions such as dementia, mental illness or a physical disability.

Our focus for our residents receiving Psychogeriatric Care is to help them perform daily activities and eventually improve their quality of life, ensuring they are treated with dignity and compassion. We have a safe, secure environment and our specialist nursing staff are qualified to manage challenging behaviour.

Talk to our friendly staff to hear more about Psychogeriatric Care in Whanganui.

Palliative Care

Heritage Lifecare offers Palliative Care at our two Whanganui care homes; St Johns Hill Lifecare and Broadview Lifecare.

Facing the end of life presents physical and psychological challenges. Our Palliative Care is designed to assist our patients and their families throughout every stage. We understand this is a difficult time and aim to ease any uncertainties. We provide a comfortable environment where patients and their families feel safe, ensuring our residents receive continuous, quality care.

Broadview offers Palliative care as part of our Specialist Hospital services, whilst St John’s Lifecare provides Palliative Care in a rest home environment. We provide relief from pain, stress or other symptoms that may be affecting your everyday life, ensuring we treat the whole person not just their symptoms. All of our rooms have lovely sunny views, providing a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Click here to learn more about Palliative Care in Whanganui.

Geriatric Care

Heritage Lifecare provide a range of geriatric care services at our two Whanganui locations.

Broadview Lifecare & Village offers Rest Home, Day Programme and Respite Care as well as Hospital Care, Dementia Care and Specialised Hospital Care. Broadview also provides palliative care through our onsite Hospital. We have warm and compassionate staff attending to our Rest Home residents, with registered nurses and carers providing Geriatric Care 24/7. There is also a retirement village onsite with a range of different options for those able to live independently.

Our Care Home at St Johns Hill Lifecare offers Rest Home and Hospital Care, as well as Palliative Care as many of our residents are palliative. Respite Care and a Day Programme are also available to those not living in our Care Home. All of our well-appointed rooms have views over the Whanganui River or surrounding countryside.

Get more information here about geriatric care in Whanganui.

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