Roshni - Heritage Team Member
The residents here become your friends


Heritage Team Member

Roshni has been working here as a Caregiver for 13 years now, but she’s quick to tell us that other staff have been here longer. “There are people who have been here for over 30 years, they are very experienced.”

She thinks that’s just one of the many reasons people feel secure here. “We all work with the residents to make them feel at home, they’re encouraged to bring their own personal treasures and turn their rooms into their own special place. It’s lovely.”

From a young age, it was always Roshni’s dream to look after people. “I love the elderly; my heart goes out to them and the residents here become your friends. They were all so excited to hear about my new grand-daughter.”

As a Caregiver, she says the activities on offer at Heritage make a huge difference to the resident’s lives. “There’s so much to do here. Today’s outing was to Maketu for their world famous pies on the beach, that was very popular.”

To Roshni, 'A Better Everyday' is when she looks at the residents and they’re happy and smiling. “I’m proud to contribute to that, I feel blessed.”

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