Pauline - Heritage Resident
I like it here; I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else


Heritage Resident

Pauline met her late husband Ted at a dance near Leeston in Canterbury about 70 years ago. They moved to Tolaga Bay to be near Ted’s family and Pauline nursed at the maternity hospital there. After breaking her hip in a fall, Pauline moved to Heritage in 2014.

One of the big reasons she chose Heritage is that her friend Sharon worked here. “I felt if everyone was as kind as her, then this would be a good place to be.”

Pauline was proved right. “I like it here; I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. The staff go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and I feel very respected.” The good thing is that even though Sharon has recently retired, she lives close by so she still pops in to do Pauline’s nails for her.

The other thing that makes Pauline feel at home is the friends she has made here. They often visit each other for a chat or meet in the lounge when something’s on. “The Housie is good, it helps sharpen your mind, and the musical entertainment is great. I love reading and discussing the news too, it keeps me up to date.”

To Pauline 'A Better Everyday’ means ‘enjoying each day as it comes and appreciating the best of every day’. “I feel grateful I’m being cared for so well. My mum lived to 101 in pretty good health, so it might be in my genes.”

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