Joan - Heritage Resident
Good staff, good food, good fellowship. What more could you want?


Heritage Resident

Having trained as a nurse in England, Joan and her husband decided to emigrate to New Zealand after chatting to some Kiwi’s at their local running club.

When her husband died, Joan found herself lonely and isolated at another Retirement Village and decided she wanted company. She made the move to Heritage after meeting someone with a villa and has been happy ever since. “There’s a lot more to do here, we’ve always got something on and I’m always out and about.”

These days, Joan goes to Craft two mornings a week and attends the Day Programme for three days. “The staff in Day Programme are absolutely terrific, they treat us so well.” She eats her meals there too. “The food has definitely improved since John got here and I make a point of telling him when I’ve really enjoyed a meal – he seems chuffed.”

If you ask Joan, she’d recommend Heritage to anybody and in fact, there are already two people here on that recommendation. “I’ve got friendship. If I want my own space I can have it, we’ve got beautiful gardens and we all care for each other. It’s a real community.”

And 'A Better Everyday' to Joan? That’s easy. “Good staff, good food, good fellowship. What more could you want?”

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