Frank - Heritage Resident
The staff are very good, you’ve got your button and you can press it and they come to see what you need


Heritage Resident

Frank is a man of many great stories and talks fondly of having a great teaching career, a love for music and his days at the Air Training Corp in Martinborough.

He has lived in many places around the Wairarapa and Manawatu region, as well as Fiji and Nauru Island for teaching. Frank and his daughter Pru both moved to Heritage two years ago, after needing more support and special care for Pru who has MS.

“I came to Karina because my daughter was here, who has Multiple Sclerosis and she had a fall. I was living with her in an old house and we decided it was best if we moved out. So, my other daughter looked into all the Rest Homes in Manawatu and she said what one do you think? She found Karina and said this looks good. So, we came over, had a chat and decided to come in.”

Frank usually spends his days listening to Radio New Zealand and joining in on the Newspaper readings and discussions with the other residents. He also has a group of people that he chats too as well as spending time with Pru, his daughter. “Me and my daughter will get together and have a giggle and a laugh and spend time together.” He also enjoys outings with his other daughter and his granddaughters.

When asked what makes 'A Better Everyday', Frank said even with his health deteriorating, he’s thankful the staff are so helpful. “The staff are very good, you’ve got your button and you can press it and they come to see what you need. They’re also good with my daughter Pru… She needs extra help and they look after her properly. That would have been one of my main concerns if they weren’t looking after her, but they do, and they do it very well.”

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