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In the Nelson region Heritage Lifecare provide a number of options for geriatric care. Our Care Home at Stillwater Lifecare & Village in Richmond offers Dementia care, Hospital-level care, Palliative care as well as Respite care.

Our Care Home at Flaxmore Lifecare, located in Bishopdale, specialises in the care of older people with dementia. At Flaxmore Lifecare we are also able to welcome guests for short-term Respite care for up to a couple of weeks.

Our Care Homes are bright, welcoming and calming places where residents and guests are made comfortable and can feel at home. Our caring team of registered nurses and carers are well qualified and have a special interest in helping and supporting older people.

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Nelson Dementia Care

Christchurch Dementia Care

Both of our Care Homes in Nelson offer Dementia Care for older people. These are located at Stillwater Lifecare & Village in Richmond, and Flaxmore Lifecare in Bishopdale. At both Care Homes we are also able to welcome guests for Respite care which can be overnight or for up to two weeks.

As one of the country’s largest certified dementia care providers, at Heritage Lifecare we know our nursing staff in Nelson are well qualified in dementia care. Staff continually keep up to date with the best ways to care for seniors with dementia through ongoing training.

All of our residents with dementia have a personalised care plan developed by our registered nurses, who also implement and regularly review the plan. Ongoing input from whanau and carers helps our nurses to ensure the best care is always being provided.

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Heritage Lifecare Senior Hospital in Nelson

Senior Hospitals in Christchurch

Our senior hospital at Stillwater Lifecare & Village in Richmond offers Hospital-level care, Dementia care and Respite care for older people. Our registered nurses and carers are on call around the clock, providing medical care, nutritious meals, social activities, conversation and comfort.

All residents in our senior hospital have an individualised care plan prepared and implemented by our experienced nursing team. Care plans are regularly reviewed to ensure the very best of on-going care and support for each resident and input from family/whanau is always welcome. Our goal is for each and every person in our care, no matter the level of support they require, to be enabled to enjoy ‘A Better Everyday’.

Our light and welcoming senior hospital, while close to local amenities, is set amongst beautifully landscaped gardens providing a peaceful haven for residents and family alike.

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Heritage Lifecare Geriatric Care in Nelson

Christchurch Palliative Care

Our Care Homes in Nelson offer a wide range of geriatric care services.

At Flaxmore Lifecare in leafy Bishopdale, we provide Dementia care and Respite care for dementia patients. Respite care can be for just one night or up to two weeks. Our respite care provides a safe, comfortable and social home away from home for the older person while their regular caregiver has a break. This can also be a great way to get to know us and the geriatric care services we can offer longer term.

Our Care Home at Stillwater Lifecare & Village, in Richmond, offers Rest Home care, Hospital-level care, Dementia care, Respite care and Palliative care.

In our Rest Home seniors are supported by a team of registered nurses and carers who are on hand around the clock. Social activities and outings are an integral part of our Rest Home care. Our Hospital provides for those needing this higher level of care, including people with dementia, as well as providing palliative care for seniors with a life-limiting illness.

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Heritage Lifecare Palliative Care in Nelson

Geriatric Care, Christchurch

At Stillwater Lifecare & Village we provide Palliative care for older people with a life-limiting sickness. Our team of registered nurses and carers have the compassion and experience to support the patient and their whanau through what can be a very stressful and demanding time. We believe that palliative care is about working for the best quality of life possible for the patient, as well as supporting those close to them.

We will care for the medical and physical needs of the patient, helping to minimise any pain they may be experiencing and maximising their comfort. We also aim to help support all those involved through their emotional needs at this time.

This can be a time of contemplation. Our welcoming Care Home is set amongst beautifully landscaped gardens, providing a quiet place for reflection for both patients and their whanau.

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