Nelson Retirement Village

Join the other New Zealand seniors who are enjoying the benefits of Retirement Village living at Stillwater Lifecare & Village in Richmond. We offer independent living for seniors at our modern, bright and welcoming village set in landscaped gardens. We’re also not far from the Richmond Mall for your local shopping, banking or coffee fix.

And should you or your partner’s needs change over time, it is reassuring to know that we also have a Care Home next to our Retirement Village. Our Care Home provides Rest Home, Hospital, Dementia, Palliative and Respite care.

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Independent Living with Heritage Lifecare in Nelson

Independent Living in Christchurch

Stillwater Lifecare & Village in Richmond has independent living options available now for older people ready to enjoy the retirement village lifestyle. Join a community of like-minded people in a safe and comfortable environment which is also just a hop skip and jump from the Richmond Mall.

Independent living in a retirement village means you can enjoy your own home while having the benefit of onsite activities and amenities. Many of our residents enjoy board games, crafts, indoor bowls and other activities. And happy hour is another opportunity to get to know your neighbours.

If you or your partner were to need care at a later date, it’s comforting to know the Care Home at Stillwater Lifecare & Village provides a wide range of services including Rest Home and Hospital-level care. And you (or your partner) can remain close at hand while continuing to live independently.

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Nelson Retirement Homes

Christchurch Retirement Village

At Stillwater Lifecare & Village in Richmond our retirement home provides a range of care options for seniors, including Rest Home, Hospital, Dementia as well as Palliative care for those with a life-limiting illness.

At our retirement home we also offer Respite care for older people living in the community. This short-term care can be for a one-night stay or for up to two weeks. Our respite care provides a worry-free break for caregivers as they know that we offer safe and comfortable accommodation along with an experienced and caring nursing team to provide the best of care during their absence.

A care plan is prepared by our nurses for each resident, and this is reviewed on a regular basis to make sure that all individuals receive the best of care, all of the time. Our registered nurses and carers treat all residents and guests with respect and understanding.

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Nelson Retirement Village

Retirement Homes in Christchurch

Retirement Village living at Stillwater Lifecare & Village in Richmond provides security and peace of mind in a community setting. You can leave behind the burdens of maintaining your own home, and a section that may have outgrown you, and enjoy the freedom of having others take care of these things. And there won’t be large surprises around your financial outgoings, so budgeting is easy.

When you’re so carefree, you will have time to make the most of the activities on offer at Stillwater Lifecare & Village. You might take up a new hobby, or get more active, and you’re bound to make new friends.

If you’re not already, you’ll probably become familiar with the wide range of shops at the Richmond Mall, because it’s so handy. We also provide a range of services available on site, such as podiatry and hairdressing.

It’s no wonder so many seniors now enjoy Retirement Village life.

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Senior Retirement Communities in Nelson

Retirement Units in Christchurch

Our senior retirement community at Stillwater Lifecare & Village in Richmond provides a number of different lifestyle options for older people.

Our Retirement Village offers modern, bright, independent-living units for those who want to enjoy the benefits of living in a senior retirement community without losing any of their independence. Here you can participate in activities and social events with your neighbours and leave behind the concerns of home maintenance.

We also have a Care Home providing Rest Home care for older people no longer able to live independently, where our experienced registered nurses and carers are on-call at all times. It’s reassuring to know we also provide Hospital, Dementia, Palliative and Respite care at our Care Home, if this care were to be needed in future.

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Nelson Retirement Units

Senior Retirement Communities in Christchurch

At Stillwater Lifecare & Village in Richmond you’ll find a range of attractive, purpose-built retirement units set in beautifully landscaped gardens. We provide a number of amenities onsite, such as hairdressing or podiatry, but we’re also close to the Richmond Mall. So if it’s not on your doorstep it certainly isn’t far away.

The people in retirement units at Stillwater Lifecare & Village are independent-living seniors who love the benefits of a secure and comfortable home in a community setting. You too could enjoy the freedom of no longer having to concern yourself with those unexpected outgoings on home maintenance, or needing to mow that lawn. Instead, you could participate in some of the activities on offer, take up a new hobby, and if you like, get to know your neighbours at happy hour.

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