Nelson Care Home

Heritage Lifecare have two Care Homes in the Nelson region.

At Stillwater Lifecare & Village in Richmond, our Care Home services include Rest Home care, Hospital care, Dementia care, Respite care and Palliative care. Our Care Home at Flaxmore Lifecare, in leafy Bishopdale, provides Dementia care and Respite care for dementia patients.

Each resident in our Care Homes has a care plan tailored to their specific needs designed by our experienced registered nurses. Our nurses and carers have real empathy and respect for older people in their care and they are committed to giving residents the best in physical, medical and emotional support.

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Nelson - Tasman

Flaxmore Lifecare

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Nelson - Tasman

Stillwater Lifecare & Village

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  • Palliative Care
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Nelson Respite Care options

Christchurch Assisted Living

At Stillwater Lifecare & Village, in Richmond, we provide respite care for older people. This can simply be an overnight stay, or it may be for up to a couple of weeks. While ideally respite care is planned ahead of time, we can also usually accommodate an emergency situation.

The experienced team of registered nurses and carers at our Care Home will ensure a warm welcome and medications can be administered by our nurses. Our guests join our residents for nutritious meals and we ensure they are invited, and enabled, to join in all of our activities and outings.

At Flaxmore Lifecare, located in Bishopdale, our experienced and kind team of registered nurses and carers specialise in the care of older people with dementia. We also provide respite care for seniors with dementia. This enables caregivers to take breaks knowing their loved one will have the best of care.

View more about our respite care options in Nelson

Nelson Assisted Living

Our Christchurch Rest Homes

At Stillwater Lifecare & Village, in Richmond, residents are living independently in their own homes in a secure and comfortable seniors community. Some of our residents do need extra support with day-to-day tasks and they choose external assisted living support so they can continue enjoying their independence.

If you are living in a retirement village and you find there are tasks that are becoming too difficult, such as cleaning or bed making, assisted living services may be arranged through the nearest Needs Assessment Agency.

If, at a later date, you need a greater level of care, at Stillwater Lifecare & Village we have a Care Home providing both rest home and hospital-level care.

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Heritage Lifecare Nelson Rest Home

Nursing Homes in Christchurch

Stillwater Lifecare & Village, in Richmond, offers Rest Home care for seniors who can no longer live independently. Set amongst beautifully landscaped gardens our Rest Home is light and welcoming with the rooms overlooking either the gardens or a sheltered courtyard.

Our rest home staff are available 24/7 to ensure the comfort and well-being of all residents. We are only a call button away. Our highly experienced team of registered nurses and carers are passionate about ensuring each and every resident gets the best of care. This includes their physical comfort as well as mental and spiritual welfare. We are proud of our nutritious meals and excellent medical care, as well as the social activities and outings that all residents can participate in.

Hospital-level care is also offered at our Care Home at Stillwater Lifecare & Village. See further information about our rest home care in Nelson.

Heritage Lifecare Nelson Nursing home

Respite Care in Christchurch

Heritage Lifecare’s two nursing homes in Nelson provide a wide range of services for seniors who can no longer live independently. Stillwater Lifecare &Village, in Richmond, offers Rest Home, Hospital, Dementia and Palliative care as well as short-term Respite care. At Flaxmore Lifecare in Bishopdale we offer Dementia care and short-term Respite care for people with dementia.

We understand caregivers may be unsure about leaving their loved ones for short-term respite care, which can be from one night to a couple of weeks. We welcome your visit, so we can show you around and reassure you that you can have a worry-free time while we care for your loved one.

The compassionate and experienced teams of registered nurses and carers at our nursing homes provide around the clock care. And our nursing homes are bright and welcoming places where we ensure all residents are comfortable and can feel at home.

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