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Rich in history, the town of Greymouth has many stories to tell and at Heritage Lifecare, we celebrate the unique stories of each and every one of our residents. Set amongst lovely landscaped gardens, Granger House Lifecare, our Heritage Lifecare home in Greymouth, provides a variety of Care Home services, all within easy reach of town.

Granger House Lifecare Granger House makes senior life easy with Rest Home, Hospital, and Respite Care. You can relax knowing that our wonderful Heritage Lifecare staff in Greymouth are dedicated to ensuring that every resident enjoys ‘A Better Everyday’.

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Rest Home Living in Greymouth

Our Rest Homes

Granger House Lifecare, Heritage Lifecare’s comfortable Rest Home in Greymouth, is just a short drive from the busy shops and cafes of Greymouth.

From the first time you visit, our caring staff will make you feel right at home and that comfortable feeling will only grow over time. It’s good to know that you’re safe and supported with quality Rest Home level care in your own special part of the South Island.

Warm and comfortable, the well-appointed rooms all look out onto sheltered courtyards or landscaped gardens and come complete with a nurse call system and WiFi.

We make it easy to transition to rest home life with services ranging from hairdressing to speech therapy, physiotherapy, and podiatry. There are plenty of recreational activities to enjoy, including board games, happy hour, gardening, crafts, cooking and indoor bowls. Our Care Home van is also always on hand for outings.

Greymouth Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes

Heritage Lifecare’s Greymouth Nursing Home, Granger House Lifecare, is just a short drive from the historic buildings and shops of Greymouth town centre. Granger House Lifecare provides Rest Home care as well as short-term Respite Care and Hospital care which includes looking after senior people with more complex care requirements.

Heritage Lifecare Nursing Homes are staffed by dedicated teams of professionals, committed to looking after our residents 24 hours a day, with expert assistance there whenever you need it. We take pride in making you feel completely at home with comforts including tasty, nutritious meals made by our chefs on site, warm, bright rooms and a lovely view of Granger House Lifecare’s beautiful gardens and courtyards from every room, offering plenty of fresh air and sunlight.

Give us a call for more information about our Nursing Home services.

Greymouth Elderly Day Care

Elderly Day Care

While Granger House Lifecare doesn’t offer an Elderly Day Care programme, we do provide an excellent Respite Care service for when you or the person you’re caring for, is in need of a break.

Granger House Lifecare & Village provides dedicated care to older people with a Respite Care programme that’s specially designed to take the pressure off carers and ensure that elderly people enjoy a relaxing and comfortable stay.

At Granger House Lifecare & Village, we make life easier for everyone with friendly, personalised care and highly trained nurses just a push of a button away. Our Respite Care programme can provide relief for carers for as little as one day, or up to two weeks – depending on your requirements. We also offer emergency Respite Care if required. So if you’re a carer in need of a break, take advantage of our excellent service.

Find out more on Respite Care in Greymouth

Respite Care in Greymouth

Respite Care

Respite Care is a vital community service that provides carers and senior people in care with a much needed short-term break, ranging from just a couple of days, to a couple of weeks. Respite Care stays can be planned in advance or in the case of urgent requirements, they can be taken when needed. Our Greymouth Heritage Lifecare home, Granger House Lifecare, provides quality Respite Care services for carers and senior people, with a wide range of daily activities to enjoy and plenty of quality companionship throughout the Respite term. Granger House Lifecare provides Respite Care in a Rest Home environment, along ith Senior Hospital Care and Palliative Care. Many of our residents are palliative and our expert nursing staff are equipped to care for their specific requirements. Whatever their needs, our friendly support team will help your elderly person feel at home and quickly settle into their new environment.

Find out more about Respite Care in Greymouth here.

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