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Gisborne Care Home

Heritage Lifecare provide two Care Homes in Gisborne with a wide range of care options on offer including rest home, hospital, dementia, and palliative. Both of our Care Homes also offer respite care and elderly day care programmes to provide a worry-free break for caregivers.

Te Wiremu House Lifecare & Village is located in Te Hapara while Dunblane Lifecare & Village is on the site of the historic Dunblane Home at Inner Kaiti. While both are just two kilometres from the town centre, our Care Homes are set in beautifully landscaped gardens designed to provide a restful sanctuary for residents and their whanau.

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Te Wiremu House Lifecare & Village

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Heritage Lifecare Nursing homes in Gisborne

Respite Care in Christchurch

At Heritage Lifecare, we offer a wide range of nursing home services at both Te Wiremu House Lifecare & Village and Dunblane Lifecare & Village. At both Care Homes we offer Rest Home care, Hospital care, Dementia care, Day programmes and Respite care. Additionally, at Dunblane Lifecare & Village we provide Palliative care.

At our nursing homes, our trained caregivers and registered nurses really care about helping older people from the wider Gisborne community as they face challenges in their health and independence. Each resident in our nursing home has an individual care plan created, implemented, and reviewed by our nursing staff, ensuring we are always providing the very best of care.

Our Respite care provides short-term stay options, from one night to up to a couple of weeks, so that caregivers can take a break with the reassurance that their loved one is well cared for.

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Gisborne Assisted Living

Our Christchurch Rest Homes

Heritage Lifecare has three retirement villages providing independent living for seniors in Gisborne: Arohaina Village in the heart of Gisborne; Te Wiremu House Lifecare & Village in Te Hapara; and Dunblane Lifecare & Village at Inner Kaiti. Our retirement villages provide secure community environments close to local amenities. And there are plenty of social activities on offer, so it’s easy to get to know other residents in a relaxed atmosphere.

While residents enjoy the independence and freedom that the village lifestyle offers, there is always the option of external assisted living support should daily tasks become a burden. If additional support is needed with things such as showering or bed making, assisted living support may be arranged by a local Needs Assessment agency. With this support residents are able to continue living independently in their own home.

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Respite Care in Gisborne

Christchurch Assisted Living

Heritage Lifecare provide Respite Care services at both Te Wiremu House Lifecare & Village and Dunblane Lifecare & Village. Depending on your needs, respite care is available at our Care Homes for a one night stay or you can stay for up to two weeks. While usually prearranged, we do understand that emergencies happen and we can often accommodate respite care at short notice.

When you stay with us you’ll be welcomed by residents and invited to join in all of the daily activities, with our assistance if required, including any outings we have planned. You’ll find our meals are healthy and enjoyable, and we can often manage your medication, if needed.

Respite care not only provides a rest for your carer, it’s also a great way for you both to get to know us and what we can offer you longer-term.

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Rest Homes in Gisborne

Nursing Homes in Christchurch

For older people who are no longer able to live independently, our Care Homes at Te Wiremu House Lifecare & Village and Dunblane Lifecare & Village both provide Rest Home care.

With experienced registered nurses and carers who are dedicated and passionate about caring for older people, our goal is for all residents to enjoy ‘A Better Everyday’. This encompasses not just physical comfort and wellbeing, but also mental and spiritual wellbeing. We provide nutritious meals and medical care along with social activities and outings that all residents can participate in.

At our rest homes we understand the importance of whanau for the wellbeing of residents and we welcome whanau to be as involved as they are able in the care of residents.

Hospital level care is available at both of our Care Homes should this be needed later on.

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Gisborne Elderly Daycare

Christchurch Elderly Daycare

Heritage Lifecare Care Homes at Te Wiremu House Lifecare & Village, located in Te Hapara, and Dunblane Lifecare & Village in the heart of Gisborne, both offer an elderly daycare programme.

With our elderly daycare programme we can collect you from your home and bring you to our place for the day. You’ll be welcomed by our residents and participate in activities, with any assistance you may need. Our nurses and carers will also ensure you get a nutritious meal and, if needed, administer medications.

Your caregiver will have a day to catch up with friends, or their own appointments, and you’ll both appreciate the change of scene.

Using our elderly daycare programme is also a great way for you to get to know us and our facilities, and what we can offer you longer-term.

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Gisborne Elderly Daycare

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