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Betty - Care Home Resident
Betty likes a laugh which is what she does when we ask what 'A Better Everyday' means to her...


Care Home Resident

Born and bred in Hawke’s Bay, Betty worked in the office at Stewart Greer Motors for years and was married to Aln, (that’s right, no ‘a’). She has been at Heritage for eight and a bit years now, first in an apartment and now in the Rest Home.

When it came to choosing Heritage, Betty tells us the decision was easy. “I’d worked for SeniorNet at a big Retirement Village near here but I couldn’t see myself ever living there, there were way too many people. Heritage was just the right size, with the right amount of residents. It was also in the perfect spot close to all the Havelock North amenities.”

With Aln having passed away and her three daughters all overseas or out of town, Betty found herself home alone and often poorly. Since she arrived at Heritage though she says she’s been “as good as gold. When I first moved in I had to be hoisted into the van for outings, now I can jump in and out no trouble at all.”

So what does Betty credit this new lease on life to? “Well, the activities are fun. I’ve also made some great friends here, including one I knew from way back who turned out to be here as well – now that was something that got me shooting out of my chair and almost sprinting across the lounge.”

Betty likes a laugh which is what she does when we ask what 'A Better Everyday' means to her. “I’ve got no idea. But if it means a great day every day, then that sums up Heritage nicely.”

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