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Diversity Policy

Last updated on: July 2021

HLL is committed to an inclusive workplace that embraces and promotes diversity as part of our corporate culture. This involves providing supportive and inclusive diversity-related workplace policies, and practices within our business. In order to have an inclusive workplace, discrimination, harassment, vilification and victimisation cannot and will not be tolerated.

What is diversity?

Diversity refers to characteristics that make individuals different from each other. Diversity encompasses differences in backgrounds, qualifications and experiences, and differences in approach and viewpoints. It includes factors such as gender, age, disability, ethnicity, marital or family status, religious beliefs, cultural background, socio-economic background, sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual preference, language and other areas of potential difference.

Our Policy

We are committed to creating and ensuring a diverse work environment in which everyone is treated fairly and with respect and where everyone feels responsible for the reputation and performance of HLL. The Board of Directors of HLL (Board) and management believe that HLL’s commitment to this policy contributes to achieving HLL’s corporate objectives and embeds the importance and value of diversity within the culture of HLL.

Diversity can broaden the pool for recruitment of high quality employees, enhance employee retention in a competitive labour market, improve HLL’s corporate image and reputation and foster a closer connection with and better understanding of customers. It is important that HLL is able to attract, retain and motivate employees from the widest possible pool of talent.

Gender diversity

HLL has a strong commitment to gender diversity and the fundamental principle that gender is not a barrier to participation in our workforce, management, senior executive and on our Board. Our leaders are committed to providing opportunities that allow women to reach their full potential.

Board and senior executive diversity

At HLL, diversity of gender and background are two important criteria we take into account in developing our succession plans and appointment processes for our Board and senior executive positions. However, other selection criteria, in particular business acumen and industry experience, are also fundamentally important. The Board will be provided with an annual report from the General Manager (GM) of People and Culture on our diversity objectives, in particular regarding the number of women in senior executive positions and on the Board.

Work and life balance

HLL believes in assisting employees to maintain a healthy and holistic balance between work, family and other commitments, activities and interests.

Ability not disability

When we employ and promote people, we consider ability and not disability. We aim to create an inclusive environment that supports people and removes artificial barriers from the workplace.

Roles & Responsibilities

The Board has delegated to the GM of People and Culture the role of overseeing the implementation of this policy and assessing progress in achieving its objectives.

The GM People and Culture is responsible for:

  1. promoting diversity as an important strategic and cultural factor to achieve business objectives across the organisation;
  2. in consultation with our management personnel throughout the business, proposing measurable objectives to the Board to achieve gender diversity in the composition of the Board, senior executives and workforce generally, identifying ways in which achievement is to be measured, and reporting to the Board on the progress in achieving these objectives;
  3. reporting to the Board on diversity issues generally within HLLand making appropriate recommendations;
  4. identifying ways to promote a culture supportive of diversity, including developing and promoting policies, programs and guidelines;
  5. ensuring recruitment and selection processes across all levels ofHLL are structured so that a diverse range of candidates are considered and actively reviewing on a regular basis HLL’s recruiting practices, policies, and procedures to reduce bias, both conscious and unconscious;
  6. identifying, designing, and implementing programs that will assist in the development of a broader and more diverse pool of skilled and experienced employees and that, over time, will prepare them for senior management and Board positions;
The Board will:
  1. review and approve measurable objectives for achieving gender diversity,inthe composition of the Board, senior executives and workforce generally;
  2. annually assess these objectives and the progress in achieving them;and
  3. review and monitor the effectiveness of this diversity policy, including in relation to Board diversity.
Legal Framework

This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains relevant to the current needs of HLL and report to the Board any changes it considers should be made. This policy may be amended by resolution of the Board.

This policy will be made available to all directors and employees and will be available on HLL’s website.

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